• What's this all about?

    This book and project is aimed at helping women to live their biggest and best lives.


    Here and in our pages, you'll meet resilient women who never quit when the naysayers told them their dreams were "impossible" or that they were "crazy." They've done incredible things, and you can too.


    Women are always being told that they shouldn't or can't do things. We're here to encourage you not to listen to that BS.


    THIS is for the unstoppable women.

    For women who refuse to quit on their dreams.

    For women struggling to find their dreams.

    We see you.

    This book was created for you.


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  • Profiles

    Meet some of the incredible ladies featured in our book!

    Mickela Mallozzi

    TV Host, PBS' Bare Feet with Mickela Mallozzi

    Mickela was told her idea to create a TV show where she travels and dances around the world was great -- but she'd never be the host.

    10 years later she's a 4-time Emmy-award winning host of the PBS series 'Bare Feet with Mickela Mallozzi.

    Felicity Aston

    First woman to cross-country ski Antarctica solo

    Felicity Aston is an explorer who has made a career out of doing things other people deemed 'impossible.' Though others told her she didn't have the mental fortitude to do so, she became the first woman to cross-country ski Antarctica solo in 2012.

    Olga Maria

    Founder, Dreams in Heels

    Born in Puerto Rico with a condition that made it painful for her to walk flat-footed, Olga was constantly teased for wearing heels and told that she was a "dreamer" who had goals that were too big. Many years later, she's now the founder of "Dreams in Heels," a site that helps and encourages Latinas to travel the world.

    Jessica Nabongo

    First black woman to visit every country in the world

    Jessica Nabongo is the first black woman to visit every country in the world. While everyone in her life celebrated her along her mission, after she actually accomplished it, the closest relationships to her took a surprising hit. Jessica's story shows us that sometimes it's not discouragement that keeps us back: it's success.

    Adrianna Mallozzi

    Founder, Puffin Technologies

    Born with cerebral palsy, Adriana Mallozzi refused to let anything slow her down. With a dream of living independently (which she achieved several years ago), she founded Puffin Innovations, which produces a mouth-operated device that allows those with disabilities to toggle between their computers and phones, connecting them to the world.

    Leslie Pitt

    Author, Lolo's Superpower

    When Leslie was 6 years old, her left leg was amputated. What could’ve been her greatest loss became her greatest source of strength. As an adult, she now runs Project Lolo, a non-profit that helps children in developing countries find access to wheelchairs and prosthetic limbs. She’s also authored a children’s book that encourages kids to embrace their differences as superpowers.

  • Meet the Author

    Kelly Lewis

    Travel lover. Inspirational speaker. Motivator.

    I'm a travel industry maven who has built several 6-figure businesses in the travel industry from scratch.


    And yet, like so many other power women I know, I grew up constantly hearing that I would never make it. That I was too fat, too stupid, that I was unworthy and unloveable. That I would never be more than a "stain on society."


    When I was 11 years old my mother sat me down and gave me a choice: let this consume you, or turn it into fuel.


    That one conversation pushed me towards a future as a serial entrepreneur, and now, as an author.


    Let's show em how it's done, girls.

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